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Total 3 Internship level Customer Service job vacancies

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Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions about Customer Service

What is considered a customer service job?

As a customer service representative, that individual will stand as the liaison, offer product or services information and solve any issues that customers might face. Responsibilities include managing incoming calls, generate sales leads, assess customer needs, establish sustainable relationships and provide accurate information.

Some of the prominent customer service jobs include call centre representative, concierge, client relations, receptionist, help desk, desk support engineer, patient care, field service technician, customer service manager, bank teller member services, technical support and social media customer care.

What are the Customer Service Officer role and responsibilities?

The role of customer service officer is to attract potential customers by answering product and service questions. Responsibilities include answering customer inquiries, direct customers to online resources, update customer records in the system, pitch ideas for improving customer care and develop a rapport with customers.

What are the Customer Service Executive responsibilities?

The role of customer service executive is to help customers with complaints, questions as well as provide information about product and service. Responsibilities include maintaining a professional attitude toward customers, responding promptly to customer inquiries, resolving customer complaints and ensure customer satisfaction by providing professional customer support.

What does a Customer Service Representative do?

The role of customer service representative is to act as a liaison, providing product/services information and resolve emerging problems. Responsibilities include managing calls, generate sales leads, assess customer needs to achieve satisfaction and building sustainable relationship with customer accounts through interactive communication.

What are the responsibilities of Customer Service Manager?

The role of customer service manager is to provide excellent customer service and to promote this idea throughout the organisation. Responsibilities include improving customer experience, take ownership of customer issues, develop service procedures, keep records of customer service, analyse statistics and compile accurate reports.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Call Center Executive?

The role of call center executive is to be the liaison between the company and its current as well as potential customers. Responsibilities include managing large amount of calls, follow communication scripts, identify customer needs, seize opportunity to upsell products and build sustainable relationships with customers.

What are the Service Desk Analyst role and responsibilities?

The role of service desk analyst is to help users resolve issues with computer hardware or software. Responsibilities include assessing the troubleshooting problems, keeping the personnel information confidential and managing other resources if they are not capable of solving them.