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Frequently Asked Questions about Engineering

What does an engineer do?

Engineers specialise in a variety of fields to analyse, develop and assess large-scale complex systems. That means improving and maintaining the existing system or establish brand new projects. List of engineer jobs include agriculture, biomedical, auto mechanic, project engineer, chemical, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, engineering intern, computer, electrical, environmental engineer and software.

What does a Civil Engineering do?

The role of civil engineering is to design, develop and construct a wide range of projects from conception to completion. Responsibilities include conduct on site investigations, carry out technical studies, assess potential risks, provide advice oj emerging problems, oversee staff and manage budget for equipment/materials.

What are the responsibilities of Sales Engineer?

The role of sales engineer will be tasked with selling into new prospects as well as farming back into existing customer to ensure high renewal and customer satisfaction levels. Responsibilities include support sales executives with solution selling into prospect, partner with sales executives to execute strategic deals, model the financial business case, successfully match customer requirements and manage all technical aspects of RFP/RFI responses.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Project Engineer?

The role of project engineer is to schedule, plan, forecast, resource and manage all the technical activities aiming at ensuring project accuracy from conception to completion. Responsibilities include monitor compliance of performance standards, interact daily with clients to interpret their needs, perform overall quality control of the work, assign duties to project team and review engineering deliverables while initiate appropriate corrective actions.

What are the Service Engineer role and responsibilities?

The role of service engineer is to design, install or repair equipment relate to different sectors of technology world. Responsibilities include interacting with clients to solve their issues, installing new hardware/software, keeping track of purchase equipment, checking existing problems and teaming up with other professionals from different fields.

What are the responsibilities of Technician?

The role of technician is to assist engineers with creating products, improving manufacturing methods and maintaining assembly systems. Responsibilities include designing and building roads as well as various structures.

What does a System Engineer do?

The role of the system engineering is to help build, maintain and troubleshoot rapidly expanding infrastructure. Responsibilities include managing all installed systems, ensuring the highest levels of systems and infrastructure availability.

What are the responsibilities of Software Engineer?

The role of software engineering is to produce and implement functional software solutions. Responsibilities include automate tasks through appropriate tools, review code, perform verification testing, collaborate with internal teams to improve products and ensure software is up-to-date with the latest technologies.

What are the roles and responsibilities of an Electrical Engineer?

The role of an electrical engineer is to design and implement complex industrial, commercial and domestic electrical system. Responsibilities include performing a wide range of engineering tasks by operating computer-assisted equipment, conferring with clients to discuss potential engineering projects, ensuring operations conform to standards by preparing specifications and supervising project team members.

What are the Mechanical Engineer role and responsibilities?

The role mechanical engineering is to work on all product stages from research to design and manufacture, before final commissioning. Responsibilities include conduct experiments methodically, formulate effective solutions to emerging problems, evaluate final product overall performance, estimated budget and prepare product reports for documentation.

What are the responsibilities of Quality Assurance Engineer?

The role of quality assurance engineer is to develop exploratory and automated tests to ensure product quality. Responsibilities include creating comprehensive test plans, coordinate testing activities, develop automation scripts using open source tools, liaise with internal teams to identify system requirements and stay up-to-date with new testing tools.

What does a Quality Control Engineer do?

The role of quality control engineer is to work with quality assurance supervisors, analysing manufacturing processes for improvement using various methods of testing and inspection. Responsibilities include implementing methods for process control, promote quality standards, assist in process certification and review suppliers purchase orders while establishing supplier quality requirements.

What are the roles and responsibilities of Maintenance Engineer?

The role of maintenance engineer is to check, repair and service equipment as well as infrastructure. Responsibilities include planning schedule maintenance, supervising engineering staff, managing budgets, creating maintenance procedures, ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

What does a Chargeman BO do?

The role of chargeman BO is to assist in planning, operating and carrying out any work that is related to electrical safety precautions as well as preventive maintenance. Responsibilities include preparing daily records, troubleshoot any problems with electrical equipment, installing electrical equipment, supervise a team of electrical staff.

What are the responsibilities of a Design Engineer?

The role of design engineer is to study, research and develop ideas for new products used to make them. Responsibilities include assessing the usability of the products, using computer-aided design(CAD) software to create prototypes, analyse data from tests on prototypes, modifying designs and write regular progress report before presenting them to project managers.

What is a Network Engineer?

The role of a network engineer is to design, implement, maintain and support the growing network infrastructure. Responsibilities include installing various network services, perform network maintenance, monitor system performance, work within management policies to ensure success to the network infrastructure and liaise with other IT personnel for problem solution.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Resident Engineer?

The role of resident engineer is to supervise the planning, coordination and implementation of construction projects. Responsibilities include ensuring compliance to ensure optimal working of construction personnel, maintain flow of technical information for all associated equipment, perform regular routine maintenance on all systems, oversee all engineering personnel and prepare documentation as well as design all purchase orders.

What is a Field Engineer?

The role of field service engineer is to troubleshoot issues and problems with equipment or systems. Responsibilities include overseeing the maintenance of different types of equipment related to their industry, installing new technologies per the requirements of the research team, test machines that are already installed to check their performance and maintain reports of their work that are handed to the senior engineer on the project.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Mechatronics Engineer?

The role of mechatronics engineering is to research, design and develop intelligent systems, smart devices or industrial systems control. Responsibilities include overseeing the work of contractors in accordance with project requirements, design engineering systems for the automation, create mechanical design documents for assemblies and maintain technical project files.

What does a Mechanical & Electrical Engineer do?

The role mechanical and electrical engineer is to manage components of different services in infrastructures and to ensure that buildings are equipped with the relevant services to operate safely. Responsibilities include providing advice on the installation of various types of infrastructure services, evaluate tenders received for mechanical works and supervise the installation of infrastructure services.

What is a Manufacturing Engineer?

The role of manufacturing engineering is to develop and improve manufacturing processes by studying product as well as manufacturing methods. Responsibilities include evaluate manufacturing processes, assure product quality by designing testing methods, prepare process reports and maintain company reputation by complying with government regulations.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a CNC Machinist?

The role of CNC machinist is to use computer numerically controlled(CNC) machinery safely and accurately to perform a variety of functions. Responsibilities include understand specifications of the task at hand, translate instructions into computer commands, prepare materials for the machines, prepare tests run to check if the machines products outputs according to specifications and maintain machinery daily to ensure functionality.

What is an Automation Engineer job description?

The role of automation engineer is to involve in the creation and application of technology to monitor or control the production of products/services. Responsibilities include identifying opportunities for automation within software processes, execute quality assurance tests using scripts, identify quality issues in development, install applications relevant to automation and gather requirements from clients to develop the best automation solutions.