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Total 4 F&B / Tourism / Hospitality job vacancies

Sales Executive
  • Fixed monhtly allowance (RM500 - RM700). 
  • Commission entitlement (0.5% - 2%). 
  • Basic salary negotiable, depend...
Sales Executive / 銷售主管
  • 每月固定津貼(RM500 - RM700)。
  • 佣金權利(0.5% - 2%)。
  • 基本工資面議,取決於學歷和工作經驗。


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F&B / Tourism / Hospitality

Frequently Asked Questions about F&B / Tourism / Hospitality

What types of jobs available in the F&B industry?

The food & beverage industry consists of the kitchen department that is responsible for creating food while the service department is dedicated to serving the customers. Daily duties include staff management along with health and safety regulations.

Careers in F&B include F&B Director, F&B Manager, wine server, line cook, barista, kitchen helper, service supervisor, chef, catering manager, bartender and baker.

What is the Restaurant Manager role?

The role of restaurant manager is to maintain the restaurant's revenue, profitability and quality goals. Responsibilities include delivering superior service, maximise customer satisfaction, respond efficiently to customer complaints, appraise staff performance, research new vendors, review product quality, estimate future needs for goods, ensure compliance with sanitation and safety regulations.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Service Crew?

The role of service crew is to prepare foods, process customer payments and providing customer service. Responsibilities include keeping work areas clean, use various selling techniques to suggest additional purchases, respond to customer complaints, resolving issues where possible and referring customers to managers as needed.

What does a Captain do?

The role of captain is to serve food/beverages to guests in a timely, courteous, efficient and accurate manner. Responsibilities include take guest orders, serve meals to guests, set tables as needed, communicate with support crew and management.

What are the job responsibilities as a Head Chef?

The role of head chef is to organise the kitchen’s activities such as inspecting dishes before they arrive at the customer ensuring high quality and contentment. Responsibilities include construct menus with new culinary creations, plan orders of ingredients according to identified shortages, arrange for repairs, remedy any defects and foster a climate of cooperation between co-workers.

What is a Sous Chef and the responsibilities?

The role of sous chef is to be second in command in the kitchen, following the executive chef’s specifications and guidelines. Responsibilities include helping in the preparation of all food/beverage menus, ensure that the kitchen operates in a timely way, resourcefully solve any issues that arise, manage kitchen staff by establishing working schedule, order supplies to stock inventory and comply with regulations as well as safety standards.

What is the Pastry Chef role?

The role of pastry chef is to prepare a variety of desserts, pastries or other sweet goods. Responsibilities include creating new desserts to engage the interest of customers, decorate pastries to ensure the presentation will be beautiful, monitor stocks for baking ingredients, check quality of material used for cooking and guide pastry assistants to work more efficiently.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Chef de Partie?

The role chef de partie is to amaze the patrons with excellent cooking according to the chef’s recipe and specifications. Responsibilities include preparing menus in collaboration with colleagues, ensure adequacy of supplies at the cooking station, follow the guidance of the sous chef, put effort in optimising the cooking process, enforce strict health and hygiene standards.

What is the Bartender role?

The role of bartender is to provide an excellent guest drinking experience. Responsibilities include taking orders from customers, assess customer needs, mix ingredients to prepare cocktails, replenish bar supplies, nurture an excellent guest experience, comply with all food and beverage regulations.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Commis Chef?

The role of commis chef is to do food preparation work under the supervision of a chef de partie, rotating through sections such as sauce, vegetables, fish and butchery. Responsibilities include measuring dish ingredients, preparing the ingredients for a senior chef, maintaining high standards of hygiene and dealing with deliveries as well as stock rotation.

What does a Kitchen Helper do?

The role of kitchen helper is to prepare food/beverage, take customer orders, accept payment and serve customers at food counters. Responsibilities include answering customer questions, keep records of the quantities of food used, cleaning kitchen areas and arranging the table floor.

What are the career options in Tourism?

Tourism jobs specialise in promoting tourism and planning campaigns with the objective of building and increasing revenue. They cover private and public destination organisations, public agencies, partnerships or local authorities. Careers in tourism include travel agent, tour operator, tour guide, sommelier, event manager, hotel, cruise, attendant, visitor information and operations.

What does a Revenue Manager do?

The role of the revenue manager is to determine room rates in order to keep hotels competitive and earn revenue. Responsibilities include implementing revenue management operations working closely with various departments in the hotel, provide daily reporting, act as overall business development consultant for the hotel manager, improve service level and build strong working relationships with levels of staff at the hotel.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Front Office?

The role of front office is to manage the front desk on a daily basis and to perform a variety of administrative tasks. Responsibilities include greeting guests upon arrival, direct visitors to the appropriate person, answering phone calls, ensure reception area is tidy, sort daily deliveries, order front office supplies, arrange travel and accomodations.

What types of jobs are in the Hospitality industry?

Hospitality are related to the provision of all essential facilities to customers which includes accommodation and food. These jobs are also involved with other areas such as laundry, services, retail shops, fitness centres, swimming pools, health spas and all services and products that in-demand. These types of jobs include concierge, event planner, hotel, housekeeper, porter, waiter/waitress, guest relations officer, hospitality manager and a flight attendant.