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Total 12 Information Technology job vacancies

Application Engineer / 應用工程師
Shah Alam / Encord Sdn Bhd

SWTS Asia Group、Encord Sdn Bhd 在 Flow Control 的領導下蓬勃發展,專門從事閥門自動化業務。在25 年的專業服務中,我們服務於眾多行業,如棕櫚油精煉廠、...

Application Engineer
Shah Alam / Encord Sdn Bhd

Thriving under Flow Control, SWTS Asia Group, Encord Sdn Bhd specializes in valve automation. In our 25 years of professional service, we have serv...

Senior Admin Executive (Database & Investor Management)
Johor Bahru / JOBIFY.MY

Fixed Allowance

  1. Car allowance
  2. Travelling allowance
  3. EPF 16%


Software Sales Manager
  • Employee equity
  • Medical insurance
  • Personal leave
  • Open culture
  • Personal development opportunities
Software Sales Manager / 軟體銷售經理


  • 員工股權
  • 醫療保險
  • 事假
  • 開放文化
  • 個人發展機會
  • Allowance (travel stipends, transportation, etc.)


  • 津貼(旅費、交通費等)
IT Executive - Application Support
  • Free Accommodation (Single basis)
  • Food Signing Facilities
  • Free Wifi at Hotspot Area
  • Free Medical
  • Fre...
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Information Technology

Frequently Asked Questions about Information Technology

What types of jobs does the Information Technology (IT) field provide in Malaysia?

Information technology jobs provide a wide range of specialities that is comprised of network management, software development and database administration. Some prominent IT jobs include technical support, programming, mobile developer, software engineer, web developer, network technician, java developer, IOS developer, Android developer, computer system analyst, IT security and network engineering.

What are the responsibilities of a PHP Developer?

The role PHP Developer is to craft, write codes to a high standard, in a timely and scalable way that improves the code-base of products in meaningful ways. Responsibilities in php programming include produce detailed specifications, troubleshoot products to ensure strong functionality, contribute in all phases of the development cycle, follow industry best practices and develop new features to facilitate related procedures if necessary.

What is a Web Developer and the responsibilities?

The role of a web developer is to build website from concept to completion from the bottom up, fashioning the home page to site layout and function. Responsibilities include integrate date from various back-end services, refine specifications based on technical needs, create software documentation, stay up-to-date with emerging technology trends and cooperate with web designers to match visual design intent.

What are the job responsibilities as a Front-end Developer?

The role front-end developer is to build a functional and appealing interactive ‘client-side’ web applications. Responsibilities include using HTML to create user-friendly web pages, maintain website, optimise applications, design mobile-based features, collaborate with back-end developers, get feedback from users, write functional requirement documents, ensure high quality graphic standards and stay up-to-date on emerging technologies.

What is the Software Engineer role?

The role of software engineering is to produce and implement functional software solutions. Responsibilities include automate tasks through appropriate tools, review code, perform verification testing, collaborate with internal teams to improve products and ensure software is up-to-date with the latest technologies.

What is a Software Developer and the responsibilities?

The role of software developer is to build and implement functional programs that serve user needs. Responsibilities include produce efficient code based on specifications, integrate software components, troubleshoot existing software, gather user feedback, execute improvements and create technical documentation for referencing.

What are the responsibilities of a Full Stack Developer?

The role of full stack developer is to produce scalable software solutions. Responsibilities include work with development teams to ideate software solutions, design client/server-side architecture, build the front-end of applications through appealing visual design, develop well-functioning databases, write effective APIs, test software to ensure responsiveness, create data protection settings and write technical documentation.

What is a System Engineer and the responsibilities?

The role systems engineering is to help build, maintain and troubleshoot our rapidly expanding infrastructure. Responsibilities include test application performance while working with developers to implement fixes, maintain custom scripts to increase system efficiency, participate in the design of operational support system, provide 2nd and 3rd level support.

What does an IT Executive Programmer do?

The role of IT executive programmer is to manage the information technology needs and systems of their employers including programming database as well as troubleshooting computer issues throughout the organisation. Responsibilities include monitor the activities of tech department, strategise technology improvements, keeping up with technological advances and evaluating how they might be implemented for the good of the company.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Network Engineer?

The role of a network engineer is to design, implement, maintain and support the growing network infrastructure. Responsibilities include installing various network services, perform network maintenance, monitor system resource utilisation, work within established configuration, implement security tools and liaise with IT personnel for problem resolution.

What are the job responsibilities as a SAP Consultant?

The role of SAP consultant is to support clients in the selection, implementation and support of specific SAP modules. Responsibilities include configuration of SAP modules, analyse the current business processes, provide detailed knowledge of industry best practices, acts as liaison with client for troubleshooting and adheres to all organisational standards.

What is the Solution Architect role?

The role of solution architect is to focus on solution-level decisions and analysis of their impact on the overall business goals. Responsibilities include setting the collaboration framework, creating a solution prototype, participate in technology selection, controlling solution development and supporting project management.

What is a Cyber Security and the responsibilities?

The role of cyber security is to protect system boundaries, keeping computer systems and network advises hardened against attacks. Responsibilities include implementing security measures, define system security requirements, prepare standard operating procedures, troubleshoot security infrastructure devices, develop technical solutions and write comprehensive reports including assessment-based findings.