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Total 11 Manufacturing / Production job vacancies

Operator (KLIA)
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  • Allowance (travel stipends, transportation, etc.)
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Manufacturing / Production

Frequently Asked Questions about Manufacturing / Production

What careers are in the Manufacturing and Production field in Malaysia?

Manufacturing jobs are involved in developing new products with raw materials or components. These jobs are located in a factory, plant or mill. Manufacturing and production are comprised of technicians, production manager, production planner, production supervisor, assembler, operators, assemblers, machinists, fabricators, printing, quality control, tailors, welders, water treatment and woodworkers.

What is a Welder and the responsibilities?

The role of welder is to cut and join metals at facilities. Responsibilities include reading measurements to plan layout, determine the appropriate welding equipment, set up components for welding according to specifications, align components using clamp pieces, repair machinery, inspecting welded structure to find flaws and maintain equipment in a condition that does not compromise safety.

What is the Production Engineer role?

The role of production engineer is to oversee the production of goods in various industries at factories. Responsibilities include handling budget, ensuring project deadlines are met, analysis of the data found in charts, analysis of operational issues, provide team with technical support and training.

What are the job responsibilities as a Production Manager?

The role of production manager is to organise and oversee the manufacturing of goods. Responsibilities include liaising with other managers to formulate objectives, prepare budgets, organise workflow to meet specifications, monitor production to resolve issues, evaluate the performance of production personnel, approve maintenance work, enforce health and safety regulations.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Production Planner?

The role of production planner is to organise production according to demand and quality standards. Responsibilities include plan operations to ensure maximum performance, assign workers to particular production operations, schedule shift according to production needs, monitor jobs to ensure they will finish on time, address issues when they arise aiming for minimum disruption and keep paperwork organised.

What does an Operator do?

The role of operator is to set up, maintain and operate machinery. Responsibilities include feed raw material to semi-automated machines, inspect parts with precision, test operations of machines periodically, fix issues that might occur during the shift, check output to spot any machine-related mistakes, keep records of products and maintain activity logs.

What is a Maintenance Technician and the responsibilities?

The role of maintenance technician is to manage maintenance in the facilities to ensure the smooth running of upkeep or repair operations, Responsibilities include inspect facilities periodically to determine problems, prepare weekly maintenance schedules, recruit maintenance technicians, supervise tradesmen during installations,ensure adherence to quality standards, health and safety regulations.

What is the Technician role?

The role of technician is to deliver the desired customer service experience. Responsibilities include providing customer support during field visits, tie workflow to schedule, manage all on site installations, diagnose technical problems, produce detailed service reports, document process, follow all company’s filed procedures and protocols.

What is the Safety and Health Officer responsibilities?

The role of OSH officer is to facilitate compliance with occupational health and safety(OHS) guidelines. Responsibilities include supporting the development of OHS policies, advise on various safety-related topics, conduct a risk assessment, review existing policies, organise OHS training of employees, prepare reports on occurrences and provide statistical information to upper management.

What is the Research and Development Engineer role?

The role R&D engineer is to conduct research and development activities for an organisation. Responsibilities include summarise research results, assess the scope of research projects, ensure projects are within budget, develop technical documentation for all projects, take leadership of projects in development, collaborate with engineers and developers to create product designs with marketing teams to develop sales plans for future products.

What are the job responsibilities as a Boilerman?

The role of boilerman is to maintain heating systems in large buildings in the boiler, engine and mechanical rooms. Responsibilities include handling hot water heating systems, perform routine maintenance, keeping safety at the forefront when attending to problems, record service data in logs and follow strict safety procedures during work.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a CNC Machinist?

The role of CNC machinist is to use computer numerically controlled(CNC) machinery safely and accurately to perform a variety of functions. Responsibilities include understand specifications of the task at hand, translate instructions into cnc programming so the machines can perform the correct function, prepare raw materials, prepare test runs for cnc mills and maintain machinery daily to ensure functionality.

What does a Machine Operator do?

The role of machine operator is to set up, maintain and operate machinery. Responsibilities include set up machines to start a production cycle, adjust machine settings, feed materials to semi-automated machines, test operations of machines periodically, fix issues that might occur during the shift, check output to spot any machine-related flaws and maintain activity logs.

What is a Storekeeper and the responsibilities?

The role of storekeeper is to manage the maintenance of a department’s storeroom which includes stocking of operational materials and supplies. Responsibilities include keeping records to maintain inventory control, oversees mail handling, operate simple office machines, perform related and peripheral site-specific duties as required.