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Frequently Asked Questions about Maintenance / Repair

What are some related occupations for maintenance and repair field in Malaysia?

Maintenance workers are tasked with maintaining and repairing structural sites like offices, housing, schools and government agencies. Maintenance jobs include technician, landscaper, janitor, mechanic and repair worker.

What is a Service Engineer and the responsibilities?

The role of service engineer is to design, install or repair equipment relate to different sectors of technology world. Responsibilities include interacting with clients to solve their issues, installing new hardware/software, keeping track of purchase equipment, checking existing problems and teaming up with other professionals from different fields.

What is the Maintenance Technician role?

The role of maintenance technician is to manage maintenance in the facilities to ensure the smooth running of upkeep or repair operations, Responsibilities include inspect facilities periodically to determine problems, prepare weekly maintenance schedules, recruit maintenance technicians, supervise tradesmen during installations,ensure adherence to quality standards, health and safety regulations.

What are the job responsibilities as a Technician?

The role of technician is to deliver the desired customer service experience. Responsibilities include providing customer support during field visits, tie workflow to schedule, manage all on site installations, diagnose technical problems, produce detailed service reports, document process, follow all company’s filed procedures and protocols.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Fitter?

The role of a fitter is to lay out, assemble, install and maintain pipe systems. Responsibilities include test installed systems, measure pipe for cutting, lay out full scale drawings of pipe system ,plan pipe system layout, select materials according to specifications, bore holes in structures using power tools, and install automatic controls used to regulate pipe systems.

What does a Welder do?

The role of welder is to cut and join metals at facilities. Responsibilities include reading measurements to plan layout, determine the appropriate welding equipment, set up components for welding according to specifications, align components using clamp pieces, repair machinery, inspecting welded structure to find flaws and maintain equipment in a condition that does not compromise safety.

What is a Chargeman and the responsibilities?

The role of chargeman is to assist in planning, operating and carrying out any work that is related to electrical safety precautions as well as preventive maintenance. Responsibilities include preparing daily records, troubleshoot any problems with electrical equipment, installing electrical equipment, supervise a team of electrical staff.

What is the Wireman role?

The role of wireman is to install and repair electrical wiring as well as components in facilities. Responsibilities include reading technical blueprints, inspect existing wiring, identify worn-out components, adhere to safety of electrical systems, training and supervise apprentices.