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Total 7 Internship level PR / Media / Communications job vacancies


Perks & Benefits

  • Personal leave
  • Open culture
  • Personal development opportunities
Social Media Content Creator Intern - Internship
  • Flexible working hours
  • Hyrid work arrangement
  • Open culture
  • Personal development opportunities
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PR / Media / Communications

Frequently Asked Questions about PR / Media / Communications

What kind of jobs are in the Public Relations, Media and Communications in Malaysia?

The public relations job is to establish a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between the organisation and the public. Some of the different types of public relations jobs are a publicist, copywriter, public relations specialist, social media management or a spokesperson.

What is a Content Writer and the responsibilities?

The role of content writer is to conduct thorough research on industry-related topics, generating ideas for new content writing types and proofreading articles before publication. Responsibilities include writing clear marketing copy to promote products/services, submit work to editors for approval, coordinate with design team to illustrate articles, conduct keyword research to increase web traffic, promote content on social media and update website content as needed.

What does a Marketing Executive do?

The role of marketing executive is to undertake marketing projects for the benefit of the company. Responsibilities include developing efficient marketing strategies, overs advertising/communication campaigns, conduct market research to evaluate trends, initiate surveys to assess customer requirements, write copy for diverse marketing distributions, maintain relationships with media vendors to ensure collaboration in promotional activities and monitor the progress of campaigns using various metrics.

What are the duties and responsibilities of an Event Coordinator?

The role of event coordinator is to organise excellent events. Responsibilities include booking venues, arranging speakers, research vendors, negotiate with vendors to achieve the most favourable terms, manage all event operations, conduct a final check on the day of the event to ensure everything meets standards, oversee event happenings, evaluate event’s success and submit reports.

What are the job responsibilities as an Event Planner?

The role of event planner is to produce events from conception through completion. Responsibilities include liaising with clients to identify their needs, conduct market research, provide periodic reports to stakeholders, propose ideas to improve provided services, conduct the entire event management process, ensure compliance with safety obligations, cooperate with marketing to promote event, proactively handle any arising issues, conduct pre and post event evaluations.

What is the Copywriter role?

The role of the copywriter is to work closely with the marketing and creative teams to write blog posts as well as advertisements to promote products/services. Responsibilities include conduct basic keyword research, submit well-structured drafts to editors within deadlines, updating existing content on web pages, participate in email marketing campaigns, implement SEO practices and coordinate with designers to complement text with visuals as needed.

What is the Corporate Communication responsibilities?

The role of corporate communication is to deal with external public relations at the corporate level by increasing brand exposure through industry editors and media. Responsibilities include developing relationships with key personnel to maximise frequency of exposure, deal with internal public relations to increase brand awareness and develop innovative programs to maximise corporate profits.

What is the Social Media Manager role?

The role of social media manager is to oversee social media accounts by creating original text, video content, managing posts and responding to followers. Responsibilities include performing research on current benchmark trends, implement social media marketing strategy to align with business goals, set specific objectives, monitor web traffic metrics, collaborate with other teams to ensure brand consistency and implement new features to develop brand awareness.