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Total 5 Internship level Purchasing / Procurement / Inventory job vacancies

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Purchasing / Procurement / Inventory

Frequently Asked Questions about Purchasing / Procurement / Inventory

What are some of the careers in the Purchasing, Procurement and Inventory field in Malaysia?

Purchasers procure a range of products and services for the company, striving to obtain the best deal in terms of quality, quantity and price. There is a wide range of jobs under this field ranging from buyer, expeditor, procurement specialist, contract manager, purchasing manager, warehouse manager, purchasing agent, acquisition, inventory planner and sourcing.

What is the Warehouse Assistant role?

The role of warehouse assistant is to ensure inventory is processed, organised and stored. Responsibilities include package items correctly, scan delivered items, report missing inventory to supervisors, organise large bulk items, update logs for documentation processing, move materials from facilities to workstations, operate heavy machinery to move inventory and ensure workplace is free from safety hazards.

What is the Procurement Executive responsibilities?

The role of procurement executive is to oversee purchases and develop new contracts. Responsibilities include establishing cost parameters for purchases, maintain good relationships with vendors/suppliers, maintain records of purchases, review all vendors/suppliers, negotiate the best deal for pricing, ensure that the supplies are high quality and update the list of suppliers.

What is the Procurement Manager role?

The role of procurement manager is to manage the company’s supply of products and services. Responsibilities include devise sourcing strategies, discover profitable suppliers, negotiate with external vendors, approve the ordering of necessary goods, finalise the purchase details, track key functional metrics to reduce expenses, perform risk management for supply contracts and build a culture of long-term saving on procurement costs.

What is the Storekeeper responsibilities?

The role of storekeeper is to manage the maintenance of a department’s storeroom which includes stocking of operational materials and supplies. Responsibilities include keeping records to maintain inventory control, oversees mail handling, operate simple office machines, perform related and peripheral site-specific duties as required.

What is the Supply Chain Manager role?

The role of supply chain manager is to oversee and manage the company's overall supply chain management. Responsibilities include determine key supply chain KPISs, suggest solutions for process improvements, provide constructive feedback, maintain good relationships with vendors, work with finance, sales and manufacturing team to determine best vendors.

What is the Inventory Manager responsibilities?

The role of inventory manager is to monitor and report on the company’s inventory. Responsibilities include devise ways to optimise inventory control procedures, inspect the level of business supplies, ensure product stock is adequate for all distribution channels, record daily deliveries, place orders to replenish stock, analyse data to anticipate future needs, evaluate suppliers to achieve cost-effective deals and collaborate with other staff to ensure business goals are met.