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Total 27 Internship level Quality Assurance / Control job vacancies

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Quality Assurance / Control

Frequently Asked Questions about Quality Assurance / Control

What types of jobs are available in the Quality Assurance and Control field in Malaysia?

The roles and responsibilities of a quality assurance varies across different industries. The duties include regulate, arrange and concur on quality procedures, standards and specifications, assess requirements and ensure everything is complied.

The type of jobs related to quality assurance encompass analyst, associate, maintenance technician, audio & video equipment technician, manager of quality assurance, quality assurance assistant manager, quality engineer, quality assurance technician, maintenance manager, safety technician, HVAC technician, consultant, coordinator, director, quality inspector, field service engineer, specialist and supervisor.

What is the Quality Control responsibilities?

The role of quality control is to examine products and materials for defects or deviations from specifications. Responsibilities include monitor operations to ensure that they meet production standards, recommend adjustments to the assembly process, test products being produced, discuss inspection results and report inspection.

What is the Quality Assurance role?

The role of quality assurance is to ensure a product or service meets the established standards of quality including reliability, usability and performance required for distribution. Responsibilities include devise sampling procedures, review the implementation of inspection system, document internal audits, investigate customer complaints, compile statistical quality data and analyse data to identify areas of improvement in the quality system.

What is the QAQC Engineer responsibilities?

The role of quality assurance/quality control(QAQC) engineer is to work with quality assurance supervisors, analysing manufacturing processes for improvement using various methods of testing and inspection. Responsibilities include implementing methods for process control, promote quality standards, assist in process certification and review suppliers purchase orders while establishing supplier quality requirements.

What is the Quality Inspector responsibilities?

The role of QC inspector is to monitor the quality of incoming and outgoing products for a company. Responsibilities include reading blueprints to understand the requirements of products/services, measure product dimensions, recommend improvements to the production process to ensure quality control, document inspection outcomes by completing detailed reports, advise production team about quality control concerns to improve product excellence and supervise the production process.