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Total 40 Internship level Sales / Marketing job vacancies

E-Commerce/Digital Marketing Intern - Internship
  • Employee equity
  • Casual dress code
  • Open culture
  • Personal development opportunities
Internship - Sales & Admin - Internship

The following traits, skills, and attitudes encompass the essential qualities needed for a successful Sales and Admin Support role.

  • ...
  • Internship certificate
  • Fun environment
  • Mentorship from industry expert
  • Creative freedom
  • Hand-On expe...
Business Admin Intern - Internship

✅ 想让宠物陪你上班吗?没问题~

✅ 每个月一次的户外郊游,工作的同时也好好体验人生

✅ 清晰的个人职业发展蓝图

✅ 最最最重要的...

MULTIMEDIA INTERN / 多媒體實習生 - Internship


  • 實習證明
  • 有趣的環境
  • 業界專家指導
  • 創作自由
  • 親身體驗

Perks & Benefits

  • Personal leave
  • Open culture
  • Personal development opportunities
Digital Marketing Intern - Internship
Kuala Lumpur / ALC-TECH (M) SDN BHD

Perks & Benefits

  • Personal leave
  • Open culture
  • Personal development opportunities
Marketing Intern / 行銷實習生 - Internship

✅ 清晰且完整的KPI 機制,收入由你決定!

✅ 想讓寵物陪你上班嗎?沒問題~

✅ 每個月一次的戶外郊遊,工作的同時也好好體驗人生


Business Admin Intern / 業務管理實習生 - Internship

✅ 想讓寵物陪你上班嗎?沒問題~

✅ 每個月一次的戶外郊遊,工作的同時也好好體驗人生

✅ 清晰的個人職涯發展藍圖

✅ 最最重要的!...

Marketing Intern - Internship

✅ 清晰且完整的 KPI 机制,收入由你来决定!

✅ 想让宠物陪你上班吗?没问题~

✅ 每个月一次的户外郊游,工作的同时也好好体验人生

Sales - Internship
  • Attending meetings and events to observe and learn
  • Updating sales records and documents accurately
  • Observing how to close deal...
  • Sales / 銷售量 - Internship
    • 參加會議和活動以觀察和學習
    • 準確更新銷售記錄和文件
    • 觀察銷售過程中如何完成交易
    • 根據經理的要求與供應商和客戶進行溝通
    • ...
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    Sales / Marketing

    Frequently Asked Questions about Sales / Marketing

    What are the jobs in the Sales and Marketing field in Malaysia?

    The role of sales and marketing is to promote products and services to customers while bringing profit to the company. The sales representatives helps the customer to seek what they want, finding solutions while ensuring a smooth sales process. Whereas the marketing position is responsible in promoting a company in a positive manner, displaying why customer should use the products and services while attracting the right target audience.

    Type of jobs in sales include account officer, sales account manager, regional sales manager, sales coordinator, sales training specialist, sales engineer, sales account executive, sales consultant, insurance sales representative, key account manager, commercial director, telemarketer, sales manager, insurance agent, retail sales representative, community manager, brand manager, business development manager, brand ambassador associate, merchandiser and business development representative.

    Type of jobs in marketing including digital marketing manager, content writer, copywriter, editor, journalist, public relations executive, public relations manager, web editor, performance marketing manager, marketing executive, marketing consultant, market research analyst, marketing manager, social media analyst, chief marketing officer, social media specialist and digital marketing executive.

    What is the Sales Coordinator responsibilities?

    The role of sales coordinator is to provide the necessary support to the field sales team. Responsibilities include ensuring the adequacy of sales-related equipment, responding to complaints from customers and give after-sales support when requested. An experienced sales coordinator is capable of facilitating the team’s activities as to maximise their performance and long-lasting development of the company.

    What is the Sales Administrator role?

    The role of sales administrator is to serve as a point of contact for customers with queries about products, orders and deliveries while providing support for sales representatives. Responsibilities include process orders, contact clients, answer queries, liaise with the logistics department and develop monthly sales reports. An experienced sales administrator possess a deep knowledge of customer service with best practices. The sales admin job description are similar to other sales jobs in terms of one-to-one basis on a variety of tasks related to contribute to high quality customer service and achieve sales targets.

    What are the job responsibilities as a Sales Manager?

    The role of sales manager is to expand the customer base and achieve sales quotes for the company. Responsibilities include creating sales plans in alignment with business objectives, support store managers with day-to-day store operations, evaluate individual performance, report on sales results, forecast profits, identify hiring needs, review the annual budget, analyse market trends, participate in decisions for expansion and suggest new products/services as well as sales techniques to increase customer satisfaction.

    What are the duties and responsibilities of a Marketing Manager?

    The role of marketing management is to lead the outbound marketing team activities. Responsibilities include study company products, translate technical details into benefits for the user, analyse market trends to position products/services, develop product marketing strategies, craft compelling messages across marketing channels, work with various teams to implement strategies, test marketing product features, evaluate projects using relevant KPIs and feedback from customers.

    What is the Property Agent responsibilities?

    The role of property agent is to be an intermediary between sellers and buyers. Responsibilities include providing guidance in purchasing property, determine clients needs and performing comparative market analysis.

    What is the Real Estate Agent role?

    The role of real estate agent is to be an intermediary between sellers and buyers. Responsibilities include providing guidance in purchasing property, determine clients needs and performing comparative market analysis.

    What are the job responsibilities as a Sales Engineer?

    The role of sales engineer will be tasked with selling into new prospects as well as farming back into existing customer to ensure high renewal and customer satisfaction levels. Responsibilities include support sales executives with solution selling into prospect, partner with sales executives to execute strategic deals, model the financial business case, successfully match customer requirements and manage all technical aspects of RFP/RFI responses.

    What is the Sales Executive responsibilities?

    The role of sales executive is to discover and pursue new sales projects, negotiate deals as well as maintaining customer satisfaction. Responsibilities include conducting market research, actively seek out new sales opportunities, setup meetings with potential clients, deliver appropriate presentations on products/services, create reports with sales data, ensure the availability of stock for sales, participate in exhibitions, negotiate deals and gather feedback from customers or prospects and share with internal teams.

    What is the Sales Consultant role?

    The role of sales consultant is to monitor and analyse sales department performance as well as suggest new strategies. Responsibilities include learning the products/services offered, set targets for the sales department, collaborate with the marketing department, monitor sales numbers, calculate business trends, monitor competition, ensure sales team is up-to-date with business strategies, motivate sales team to achieve great results, find prospective customers and new target segments.

    What are the job responsibilities as an Account Manager?

    The role of account manager is to act as the first point of contact with existing customers, answer their queries and increase client satisfaction, Responsibilities include gather information on assigned clients, provide after-sales support to retain customers, build strong client relationships, report on the status of accounts, suggest company products/services that maximise client satisfaction and promote new products/services to existing customers.

    What is the Sales Advisor responsibilities?

    The role of sales advisor is to provide advice and assistance to customers to maximise the likelihood of a sale. Responsibilities include arrange merchandise on shelves according to popularity, provide information such as handling returns of merchandise, locate products on behalf of customers, deal with complaints in a helpful manner, record orders through a computer system, update customer information in databases, maintain a clean environment in the store.

    What is the Telemarketer role?

    The role of telemarketer is to generate sales either by cold calling or answering requests in a fast-paced environment. Responsibilities include use scripts to provide information about product, ask pertinent questions to understand the customer’s requirements, persuade the customer to buy by demonstrating how merchandise meet their needs, record the customer’s personal information accurately, deal with complaints, keep records of calls and sales.