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Frequently Asked Questions about Science / R&D / Research

What are some careers in the Science/Research and Development field in Malaysia?

A scientist work is based mostly in a laboratory which involves in organising and conducting experiments, recording and analysing data to push the current or innovate technologies to strengthen the company's position in the industry. Jobs include technician, chemist, engineer, electrician, scientist, associate professor, clinical data researcher, research assistant, medical research assistant, pharmaceutical assistant and biologist.

What is the role of a Land Surveyor in the science field?

The role of land surveyor is to make exact measurements and determine of all land and hydrographic boundaries.

Responsibilities include verifying the accuracy of survey data, conduct surveys in order to establish legal boundaries for properties, record the results of surveys, calculate characteristics of terrain, supervise the preparation of all documents related to surveys, write descriptions of land and hydrographic boundary surveys and conduct ground surveys designed to establish geodetic measurements.

Land Surveyor are also involved with the science of Geographic Information System(GIS) and Land Information System(LIS).

What is the Chemist responsibilities?

The role of chemist is to search for new knowledge about chemicals and uses it to improve the way we live. Responsibilities include performing complex research projects, provide proper chemical testing procedures, prepare compounds used in laboratory procedures, analyse various substances to find their composition, test materials for chemical safety,write technical reports to describe their findings and present them to scientists as well as engineers.

What are the job responsibilities as a Data Analyst?

The role of data analyst is to conduct full lifecycle analysis to include requirements, activities and design. Responsibilities include analyse results using statistical techniques, implement data analytics to optimise statistical efficiency, acquire data from primary sources, analyse trends in complex data sets, work with management to prioritise information needs and define new process improvement opportunities.