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Total 3 Internship level Transportation / Logistics job vacancies

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Transportation / Logistics

Frequently Asked Questions about Transportation / Logistics

What types of jobs does the Transportation and Logistics field provide?

The transportation sector is a broad field that covers a wide range of responsibilities which includes inventory management, coordinating with purchasing and optimising order and deliver schedules. Transportation and logistics job includes supply chain, warehouse supervisor, logistic manager, analyst, engineer, consultant, customer service, purchasing, inventory, supply-chain and truck driver.

What’s Logistics Coordinator job description?

The role of logistics coordinator is to oversee and facilitate the supply chain operations of the company. Responsibilities include ensuring premises, assets and communications are utilised effectively as well as optimising transport procedures. An experienced logistics coordinator will have great record-keeping abilities and a customer-oriented approach.

What is a Lorry Driver job description and responsibilities?

The role of the lorry driver is to serve the supply chain logistics department in a safe and timely manner. Responsibilities include inspecting vehicles for safety issues, perform preventative maintenance, log work/rest periods, comply with driving regulations, maneuver trucks into loading/unloading positions, verify delivery instructions, report defects, accidents and violations.

List of Logistics Executive jobs in KL?

The role of logistics executive is to ensure producers have a reliable supply of raw materials and coordinate the distribution of finished goods to consumers. Responsibilities include maintaining positive business relationships with suppliers, monitoring changes in transportation, assessing the financial impacts of regulatory changes and obtaining permits for transporting hazardous materials.

What is the job description for Warehouse Manager?

The role of warehouse manager is to direct receiving, warehouse management and distribution operations. Responsibilities include ensure efficient space utilisation, enforce optimal operational policies, adhere to all warehousing legislation requirements, maintain standards of safety, manage stock control, prepare annual budget, liaise with clients, assign tasks accordingly, receive feedback and monitor the quality of services provided.

Shipping Manager job description and responsibilities?

The role of shipping manager is to manage daily shipping and distribution operations. Responsibilities include managing all important documents, direct the flow of packages, inspect completed orders, control budget of the shipping department, collaborate with other managers to optimise processes, resolve issues regarding shipped orders, ensure compliance to legal regulations and company policies.