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Total 6 Health / Beauty / Fitness job vacancies

Account Executive - Urgent Hiring
  • Employee equity
  • Casual dress code
  • Company trips
  • Medical insurance
  • Personal leave
  • Open cult...
Caregiver/Care Assistant
  • Employee equity
  • Casual dress code
  • Company trips
  • Medical insurance
  • Personal leave
  • Open cult...
Staff Nurse - Urgent Hiring
  • Employee equity
  • Casual dress code
  • Medical insurance
  • Personal leave
  • Open culture
  • Personal d...
E-Commerce/Digital Marketing Intern - Internship
  • Employee equity
  • Casual dress code
  • Open culture
  • Personal development opportunities
Business Development Executive (Medical Sales)
Kuala Lumpur / Hexamine Sdn Bhd

Perks & Benefits

  • Good working enviroment and friendly colleague
  • Commission and bonus
  • Allowance (travel...
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Health / Beauty / Fitness

Frequently Asked Questions about Health / Beauty / Fitness

What types of jobs are in the Health industry?

Healthcare specialists are employed in various areas which include hospitals, mental health facilities, crisis centres, nursing homes and more. Their expertise covers the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, preventative health habits and cosmetic care.

Career in the health sector include medical, nursing, home health aide, physician, therapist, pharmacy, diagnostic medical, clinical laboratory, dental, emergency medical, radiologic, nutritionist, paramedic, registered nurse, language, respiratory, veterinary and surgical.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a Veterinarian?

The role of veterinarian is to diagnose and treat clients’ dogs, cats or occasionally smaller animals. Responsibilities include checking their health status, dress wounds, vaccinate animals, prescribe medication, advise pet owners on general care and update client records.

What does a Nutritionist do?

The role of a nutritionist is to provide clients with comprehensive advice on matters of well being. Responsibilities include evaluating the dietary needs of a client, explaining the effects of nutrients on overall health condition, offering counseling and suggest positive alterations in nutrition to address clients’ dietary restrictions.

What is the Pharmacist role?

The role of pharmacists is to prepare and administer appropriate pharmaceuticals to patients. Responsibilities include review physician’s prescriptions, organise the pharmacy in an efficient manner to make product identification easier, maintain full control of all products, interpret customer needs, provide assistance with medical services, keep abreast of medical advancements and keep records of patient history.

What is a Staff Nurse and the responsibilities?

The role of staff nurse is to provide care to terminally ill patients. Responsibilities include collaborating with other professionals to plan care, evaluate patient conditions, provide comfort to patient’s needs, help in administering medication, notify doctor on patient’s condition when deemed necessary, assist patients with medical paperwork and help relatives cope with the upcoming loss.

What are the job responsibilities as an Optometrist?

The role of the optometrist is to perform eye tests and provide excellent eye to patients. Responsibilities include diagnosing defect of the eye, prescribed medications, advise patients on proper eye care techniques, keep updated medical records for all patients, book appointments for examination, train patients on how to use contact lenses and refer eye doctors when patients need to undergo a surgery.

What kind of jobs are in the Beauty industry?

Careers in the beauty industry work on improving customer’s personal appearance generally through external approaches which includes hair, nail and skin care. Some of the specialities also include personal styling and makeup application. Beauty jobs are comprised of esthetician, colourist, massage therapist, beauty advisor, nail professional, barber, makeup artist, salon/spa and hairstylist.

What are the job responsibilities as a Beauty Consultant?

The role of beauty consultant is to meet sales goals while offering personalised customer service and maintaining long-lasting relationships with customers. Responsibilities include help clients find the products that meet their needs, build customer relations through follow-up calls/mailings, manage product inventory and organise sales areas.

What are the career opportunities in the Fitness industry?

A fitness trainer is employed in guiding clients in exercises to reduce the risk of injury while promoting fitness. Job scope also includes customising exercises to suit customer’s fitness level, monitor progress, providing resources or guidance on general fitness and health matters. Some of the types of fitness job available are an athletic trainer, fitness, recreational therapist, dietitian, gym trainer, occupational therapist, coach, massage, physical therapist and personal trainer.

What is a Dietitian and the responsibilities?

The role dietitian is to advise people on what to eat in order to lead a healthy lifestyle or achieve a specific health-related goal. Responsibilities include assessing clients’ health, evaluate the effects of meal plans, promoting better nutrition, keep up with the latest nutritional science research and write reports to document patient progress.

What is the Fitness Trainer role?

The role of fitness trainer is to create tailored fitness and wellness plans for individuals or groups. Responsibilities include overseeing completion of exercise routines, track clients’ physical progress, modify exercise plans based on needs, conduct fitness training sessions, adopt a holistic training approach, oversee the use fitness equipment, handle health-related questions and follow safety guidelines.