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Total 3 Legal / Public / Security job vacancies

Bandar Baru Bangi / UKM Holdings Sdn Bhd


  • 附近的公共交通
  • 醫療保險
  • 個人發展機會
  • 每週工作五天
Bandar Baru Bangi / UKM Holdings Sdn Bhd
  • Nearby public transport
  • Medical insurance
  • Personal development opportunities
  • Work five days a week 
  • ...
Assistant Company Secretary or Secretarial Senior
  • Allowance (travel stipends, transportation, etc.)
  • Nearby public transport
  • Central location
  • Free snacks / Happy...
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Legal / Public / Security

Frequently Asked Questions about Legal / Public / Security

What jobs are in the Legal field?

Careers in legal can be found in the local and private sector to ensure the company runs smoothly by providing administrative support to solicitors and legal executives. Legal jobs comprise of solicitor, lawyers, corporate attorney, compliance officer, risk manager, judges, paralegal, tax adviser, internal auditor, legal assistant and legal counsel.

What is a Legal Assistant?

The role of legal assistant is to ensure the smooth running of the office and effective case management. Responsibilities include providing administrative support to lawyers, handle communication with clients, administratively attend trials, prepare case briefs, conducting documentary research, develop case relevant information, file basic legal documents, answer phone calls, maintain contact lists and monitor deadlines.

What is a Corporate Lawyer?

The role of corporate lawyer is to ensure a company’s transactions comply with corporate law and regulations. Responsibilities include preparing the appropriate legal documents for court proceedings, evaluate new business partnerships, cooperate with law firms, represent the company in legal proceedings, oversee the company’s policy on legal matters, protecting the company against legal risks, negotiate deals on behalf of the company and guide management on compliance issues.

What is a Lawyer?

The role of lawyers is to represent clients in criminal and civil litigation as well as other legal proceedings. Responsibilities include question witnesses during the course of a trial, interpret laws for individuals, summarise cases to judges/juries, prepare legal briefs, analyse the probable outcomes of cases, examine legal data to determine advisability, cooperate with legal firms, help develop federal and state programs.

What is a Legal Advisor?

The role of legal advisor is to provide legal advice, organise various legal activities, create legal documents and advise the clients on all the relevant legal issues. Responsibilities include conduct legal analysis, involved in drafting different legal submissions, assist in reviewing legal material and draw up formalities regarding the settlement of disputes.

What is a Compliance Officer?

The role of compliance officer is to ensure that the operations and business transactions follow all relevant legal rules. Responsibilities include implementing an effective legal compliance program, createsound internal controls, draft company policies, proactively audit processes, evaluate business activities to assess compliance risk, collaborate with external auditors, educate employees on regulations and industry practices.

What is a Company Secretary?

The role of company secretary is to undertake a variety of administrative and clerical tasks. Responsibilities include effectively communicating with clients, greet visitors, attend trials, write case briefs, conduct thorough documentary research, verify important case intelligence, preserve an updated case record system, answer phone calls, update inventories of contact details and facilitate the meeting of deadlines by providing timely reminders.

What careers are in the Public field?

The public sector job is managed by government bodies that include family service agencies or non-profit organisations. Some public sector jobs include industrial relations, health and administration.

What jobs are available in the Security field?

Security is a major concern to all organisations which makes it an exciting and lucrative career choice. Security jobs include analyst, security manager, auditor, cyber security and safety.

What is the job of a Security Guard?

The role of security guard is to protect premises, assets and personnel. Responsibilities include act lawfully in direct defense of property, evict violators, take accurate notes of unusual occurrences, report in detail any suspicious incidents, patrol regularly around the perimeter, monitor access at building entrances and watch alarm systems.